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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Danville, CA Retaining walls are necessary outdoor structures because of their vital functions. For one, it makes the outdoor area safer by preventing soil erosion. A retaining wall can resist extreme soil lateral pressure so it is highly recommended for properties with slopes or inclined areas. This hardscape feature is also a great addition in the landscape since it can be used to highlight certain softscape elements. Some property owners install retaining walls to create new outdoor living spaces. Hire a well-experienced contractor if you also plan to build one in your property.

Among the local contractors that you can hire for retaining wall installation is Bay Area Pavers and Landscape / BAPL, Inc.. We are the choice of many property owners in the Greater Bay Area because of our ability to create beautiful and sturdy retaining walls. Our people are well-trained installers and have a deep understanding of all kinds of retaining wall systems. They can build load-bearing walls, as well as those used for decorative purposes. Since we've been doing this job for decades, we can assure clients of long-lasting, attractive, and cost-effective retaining wall structures. We have already built numerous retaining walls for residential and commercial clients across the region. You can see some of our projects in Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, Castro Valley, Alameda, Fremont, Oakland, Orinda, and San Leandro. Call us today at 1-888-987-2846.

Stone Retaining Walls

The natural appeal of stones is one of the reasons why a lot of property owners prefer stone retaining walls. This material can easily complement with any architectural design, whether Old World or modern theme. We also recommend this type of retaining wall for homes and properties with stone features such as stone paving and wall veneers. Since there are a lot of natural stones that can be used for retaining wall installation, proper selection is necessary. When you hire us, we will help you select the best stone type that will suit the specific function of your wall. Read More About Stone Retaining Walls »

Block Retaining Walls

Most residential and commercial properties have retaining walls made from concrete blocks. The blocks are durable, easy to install, and available in various sizes and finishes. Some manufacturers offer innovative retaining wall systems, which are more reliable compared to traditional walls. These products are commonly called segmental retaining wall blocks. They can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces or built to enhance safety in a particular area. While these can be installed in a DIY manner, it is still best to hire professional contractors like us at Bay Area Pavers and Landscape / BAPL, Inc.. With us, you will get sturdy and appealing block retaining walls. Read More About Block Retaining Walls »

Concrete Retaining Walls

Choose concrete retaining walls if you want cost-effective but sturdy walls in your property. These structures are highly recommended for hilly areas since they can hold large amount of soil. And here at Bay Area Pavers and Landscape / BAPL, Inc., we make sure that your concrete retaining wall is designed according to industry standards and local regulations. You are guaranteed of a long-lasting outdoor masonry structure since we use only industry-approved installation techniques and quality raw materials. We will use decorative concrete methods to transform your concrete walls into attractive outdoor features. Read More About Concrete Retaining Walls »

Boulder Retaining Walls

Boulders are often used as accents or primary materials for outdoor structures such as retaining walls. When properly installed, they can endure extreme weather conditions and won't require frequent maintenance. Just tell us if you want this kind of wall in your property. We will source your boulders from reputable quarries to give you stunning but tough boulder retaining walls. Read More About Boulder Retaining Walls »

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