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A Guide to Outdoor Living Features

A Guide to Outdoor Living Features, Pleasanton CA When people think of their home, they think of all the rooms they like to spend time with their family and friends. However, there is more to your living space than your home’s interior. You can incorporate your outdoors to get the most out of your property. Creating outdoor living features is an excellent way to enhance your living space. At Bay Area Pavers and Landscape, we design and build all types of outdoor living features to enhance your lifestyle. This includes outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, barbeques, and water features.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens help expand your living space, increase your home’s value, create the perfect place to entertain guests, and even save money on utility bills. One of the biggest reasons outdoor kitchens are so popular is because they add great outdoor entertainment space. Studies show that almost 8 in 10 boomers and 7 in 10 millennials are ready to pay over $5000 more to create great outdoor living spaces. Boomers love grill nights and millennials like their outdoor yard games. Both generations like to prep, cook, and enjoy their meals in an open-air dining setting.

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace brings you warmth all year long. They are an excellent source of heat and allow you to spend more time outdoors. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Enhanced property value
  • Creates a great outdoor ambiance for different occasions
  • Creates great space for cooking
  • Wood-burning fire can keep bugs away

Fire Pits

Have you ever sat in your yard in the evenings and wished to stay out but were forced inside because it became too cold? Having a fire pit with glowing flames can allow you to spend a great time outdoors with your family and friends. Well-designed fire pits offer many advantages including:

  • Year-Round Enjoyment: Fire pits allow you to spend time outdoors all year round, not just in the summer and spring. It provides you with warmth and coziness and a sense of being protected from the cold.
  • Inviting & Warm Lounge Area: Fire pits provide comfort, promote relaxation, and decrease blood pressure. These outdoor living features calm the nerves and create a sense of tranquility. It creates the right ambiance, whether you want to sit alone and meditate, spend time with the family, or host a party.
  • Create a Place for Social Gathering: The open flames have the power to promote a social gathering and deep conversations. Humans are naturally drawn to fire. A burning fire creates the ideal environment for long and pleasant evenings spent with family and friends.
  • Versatility: We can design and build fire pits that fit into any patio or backyard setting.
Fire pits can help illuminate dark backyards, create a romantic ambiance, allow grilling and food preparation, and enhance your property’s value. Fire pits are also more affordable than other outdoor living features with hearth.

Water Features

Fire and water may be the very opposite of each other in many ways, but they both help promote a healthy and calming effect. We design and build different types of water features including:

  • Natural ponds
  • Standard & pondless waterfalls
  • Waterwalls
  • Fountains
  • Birdbaths
  • Streams
Adding water features to your outdoors helps bring the soothing and calming benefits of water. If you are a nature lover, running water can attract wildlife and create a haven in your backyard for your family and friends to enjoy. Well-positioned and well-designed water features can improve curb appeal and attract potential homebuyers. Additional benefits include improved air quality and the spiritual effects of flowing water.

Outdoor BBQ's

As the temperatures start rising everyone wants to spend more evenings outdoors enjoying BBQs. However, if you have an outdoor BBQ already installed, you can enjoy grilling with friends and family all year round. These outdoor living features add so much value to your lifestyle and home. We install different types of BBQs depending on your personal preferences and the available space in your backyard.

  • Gas Grills: Perfect for you if you want to quickly fire up your grill and prepare some meal.
  • Charcoal Grills: If you are a purist who loves the smoky, grilled flavor, we can install this grill for you.
  • Electric Grills: If you love an urban touch to your outdoor BBQ experience.

If you have an outdoor living feature idea in your mind, we have the experience, skills, and resources to transform it into reality. For more information about our services, contact Bay Area Pavers and Landscape today at 1-888-987-2846. We can also be reached via this Online Form.

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