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5 Retaining Wall Options

Retaining Walls Options, Alameda, CA Retaining walls are specially engineered features (quite different from the standard boundary or garden walls) built on landscapes that need additional support and stability. Various materials can be used in these features, including concrete, natural stone, boulders, concrete masonry units, railroad ties, etc. In some settings, the structure is built using combination materials.

We at Bay Area Pavers & Landscape are a leading operator in this industry and focus on providing our clients with customized hardscaping solutions. We consult with you, understand your needs, and make sure that the solutions we offer solve the sloping land and soil erosion issues you are facing.

Types of Retaining Walls

Customization in retaining wall design is essential because no two properties are the same. That is why experienced hardscaping professionals will always conduct a detailed survey to understand the unique requirements of that particular property. Based on the survey and their assessment, the hardscape designers will recommend which type of retaining wall will work best for your needs. The five main retaining wall options are:

Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone has a classic appeal while being solid and long-lasting. These qualities make it perfect for retaining wall construction. In these walls, evenly cut natural stone blocks are stacked neatly on top of each other to the desired height. The stones are set in mortar, so the structure stays stable.

Block Retaining Walls

Modular Concrete Block Units (CMUs) create a stable and resilient retaining wall. These retaining block wall systems have an interlocking structure, helping develop a practically maintenance-free, solid wall that can help fix soil erosion and sloping land issues.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete is a proven and time-tested material, ideal for various masonry and outdoor feature projects. If you want a more cost-effective retaining wall without compromising durability and longevity, concrete retaining walls are the way to go. A special concrete mix will be poured into a wooden framework on-site and allowed to set. You can either paint the wall or clad it in natural stone or brick veneer.

Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

Retaining walls built using railroad ties have character. These are constructed with naturally aged, rough-textured discolored railroad ties. Installing this type of wall requires skill, experience. The hardscapers will first create a suitable base, making sure there is adequate drainage around it. This step helps prevent rotting and deterioration of the naturally aged wood used in the retaining wall structure.

Boulder Retaining Walls

Some property owners prefer a more natural and organic-looking landscape, and in this case, boulder retaining walls are the right choice. Big and small boulders are stacked carefully (with/without mortar holding them.). This type of wall looks fantastic and, when constructed expertly, can last for decades with extraordinarily little maintenance.

Dual-Function Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are not just practical but have cosmetic value as well. You can use them to create divisions in a multi-leveled landscape or create dual-function features with inbuilt seating or planters. It is crucial to carefully plan the placement of these walls and use high-quality materials and installation techniques.

Bay Area Pavers & Landscape offers the best hardscaping solutions at affordable retaining wall costs. For more details, please call us at this number 1-888-987-2846 or send us an email detailing your requirements through this Online Form.

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