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Outdoor Living Areas Pleasanton, CA

Outdoor Living, Pleasanton, CA Most Pleasanton homes have amenities for outdoor living. The main function of these amenities is to create a more functional outdoor space that is also favorable for family activities. Some of these features also serve as an extension of the indoors. It is common to see homes with well-appointed patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens. These are excellent additions to any outdoor space because of the many benefits that they provide. But the problem with these amenities is the cost of installation. An enclosed patio or a roofed outdoor kitchen with complete amenities, for example, will require a huge budget when built by professional contractors. Don't worry if you can't afford these kinds of amenities since you have other options to choose from. Fire pits, pergolas, and barbeques are excellent alternatives to expensive outdoor living features. These backyard additions will surely improve the ambiance, functionality, and aesthetics of your outdoor area. You can fully enjoy these benefits by choosing a well-experienced contractor like us at Bay Area Pavers & Landscape. We can design and install your chosen outdoor features at reasonable costs. As an outdoor living specialist, we can easily create your dream outdoor setup.

Custom Designed Fire Pits

Let us liven your outdoor space with our custom designed fire pits. This type of fire feature is best installed in outdoor living areas, particularly in patios and pool decks. You can also use this as an accent in your garden and other key areas in your landscape. We consider your design preferences to let you have a highly personalized fire feature in your backyard. We use quality materials and follow safety standards when working on our client's fire features. This is the reason why we are the top fire feature installers in Pleasanton and surrounding areas.

Aside from the aesthetic aspect, we also focus on the function and safety features of our fire pit designs. We install them in strategic locations so you can fully enjoy the warmth that they provide. We also recommend vital accessories such as fire pit covers, spark screens, tongs, and log pokers. These tools and accessories will ensure everyone's safety while staying near the fire feature.

High-quality Pergolas

Shade structures are cool additions to your backyard. These can be stand-alone features or add-on structures to patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, and other outdoor living amenities. Our highly recommended shade structure for our Pleasanton clients is the pergola. It is easy to install because of its simple design and construction. In fact, the installation can be done in one day for small-sized pergola project. A pergola kit, which is popular today, is also a good option since it can be installed in a DIY manner. However, customization is not possible with pergola kits because they are only available in specific sizes and colors. Your best option is a pergola built from scratch since you can specify your desired size, color, material, and accessories. At Bay Area Pavers & Landscape, we can build your desired pergola at a client-friendly rate. We use top-quality hardwood and construction materials to ensure the longevity of your shade structure.

BBQ Design and Instllation

Your outdoor living setup will not be complete without a BBQ grill. You can buy a portable unit or hire us to install a customized one in your backyard. The barbeques that we install are top-quality and complete with vital accessories. We use only leading brands for our grills, ovens, smokers, and other kitchen appliances. Since we are well-experienced in outdoor kitchen installation, we can easily setup a perfectly designed barbeque in your backyard. Our installation team will make sure that it is built according to your needs and specifications. With your newly installed BBQ, your weekend get-togethers will be more fun and exciting.

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